kuku2 I allow myself to write a few words about Ruben and his work, as he asked me to help him with this, as written by him, all that would come out would be pure poetry, difficult to follow and without practical sense. I know Ruben four years as an artist and follow his attempts with illusion. Lucia H. Born 1974 in Barcelona, and after 20 years living there, experiencing changes, magic and craziness in Ibiza, incredible style and Christianian fantasmas in Copenhagen, the silence of the dessert in Morocco. Currently living, loving and absorbing the dark and mystical center of Europe in Slovakia. Approaching the art through inner experience, trespassing his own identity and private universe. Touching everything with imaginary inner hands. He moved from traditional techniques such as aquarelle, oil painting, charcoal, through photography, installations, street art, performance, to finish up these days with a simple fine tipped marker and paper, as with this medium he is now able to express as well as detail as complexity with a pointed attitude. (His other tools have been kitchen knives, potato scrubbers, bicycle handles, screwdrivers and cigarette papers….but not in the way he would like to use them now…) He never focused on systematical work, never looked for a way inside of any artistic circles, although his first choice in adolescent years was Art School, he took it as something natural and normal, as he couldn’t imagine himself studying something else, but never had any higher ambitions. Painting and drawing was always part of him but all his life it was more important to LIVE, experience the essence of live, discover the mysteries of everything. For this reason he travelled a lot, changed places, changed families. He’s been thrown inside of life and took it as a big “fiesta”, a journey to eternity. He has been part of many projects, cooperated with many artists, as well in Ibiza as in Barcelona or Copenhagen, even managed to have a photography exposition in Barcelona, but this was it. It was more a fun-thing than a professional track. In the middle of all this he used to go painting to the gardens of buddhistic monasteries, or fire shows in Ibiza, but the pictures finished either in the house of his mother or as presents to friends. Mostly the pictures have been part of a wall, or painted on objects of everyday use. Little bits and pieces of paper flying around the house…. He even tried acting, modeling, what have you, there is even evidence of these attempts (La Pequeña Paloma Blanca – YouTube), but as life took him high, he stayed more focused in life itself, enjoyed the birth of his children, suffered the separations, escaped in many forms. But all the time painting, or rather – ART – was with him. There. Almost as a shadow. But with the changing times, as he has been ever again looking for a job in a kitchen or as a gardener, he realized, that it is time to do what he really wants, to use the potential he has, to not loose time and energy with life track that don’t lead in any place. To realize what is inside of him. And this, finally, IS painting, drawing, exploring the endless possibilities of lines, colors, curves, shadows, his mind somewhere there, but at the same time far away. The objects come as they are, I don’t know, where from, but they are there and he can produce a million of pictures and never get tired of it. I only know it is him that he is the only person that can draw like this, because it is entirely his own imagination he puts into reality. I know so many artists. I respect and admire some of them. But in the case of Ruben I know that the pictures are part of his own being. Something, that for me, somebody without the talent to paint is a miracle. He is sitting at a table and almost as a spiritistic medium, his hands begin to create forms, objects, colors, and you look and you discover in between these pictures new worlds, a face here, or a mind map or a flower, whatever you have to see. It was a big step to change for him to change his approach and try to make a routine, painting every day, systematically, on normal sheets of paper instead on scraps and bits and pieces, used envelopes and cigarette boxes. He managed to make a proper collection of his own pictures. Painting every day . Enjoying. Exploring.


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